Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016

Teamviewer on your wifes PC

An brand new  english version from my  german #topclip "Teamviewer on your wifes PC"
Go and get it!

Teamviewer on your wifes PC

Do you love risky games? I know you do! It can´t be dangerus enough for you stupid loser! Nobody can resist me - and all my losers know , I always go one step further to bring them to their limits ! Lets play a game! I know, you´re wife is not at home right now! So grab er pc or notebook , open teamviewer and let get started! To keep it more exciting , I´ll give you a black screen and turn the keyboard off ! You are now completely at my mercy ! What I have found ? I'll tell you in the clip! Caution - Dangerous play !!

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-> Kinkbomb (cooming soon)
-> iwantclips

Für alle die den Clip in deutsch noch nicht kennen, hier gehts lang ->

Teamviewer am PC deiner Frau! 

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