Freitag, 10. März 2017

Financial Fuckover

Financial Fuckover

The Clips of this RipOff-Series are only and exclusively available at my english clipstores. You don`t even know me? This has to be changed immediately! It takes just a few seconds, till I will have you wrapped around my little finger and turning you into my walking ATM. I know, that there is nothing more adorable to you, than having the permission to spend your ca$h and spoil young and bratty ladies like me! What you will get in return? NOTHING! It will be a fincial fuckover till you are broke - and after watching this clip, you cannot wait to fuck your account completely empty for me!

#Brainfuck, #Bratty, #Financial Domination, #Financial Ruin, #Financial Slavery, #Goddess Worship, #Mind Fuck, #Princess, #Ripoff, #Wallet Draining,

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